The Night Shift (2016) [Review]

Chris Savage

Night ShiftPoor Vincent Rivera. Massimiliano Cerchi certainly likes leaving this dude in empty mansions, or maybe Vincent is a glutton for punishment? Either way, Vincent Rivera stars in Massimiliano Cerchi’s latest flick, The Night Shift, where he plays the role of Frank, a reluctant security guard, and to be honest, how this guy became a security guard is beyond me, I doubt he’d be able to protect candy from a baby!

Anyway, Frank has been assigned with the task of guarding an empty mansion overnight until the owner returns in the morning. Pretty simply, right? Well, unfortunately for Frank, there is no-one at the mansion to greet him and the door is locked. So what to do? Does he try to knock on the door? Nope. After a few moments the door mysteriously unlocks and he makes his way inside. Nothing weird, right?

So, Frank proceeds to walk around the mansion, and I swear this guy is gun-happy. Almost every move he makes he pulls out his gun, thankfully Grandma isn’t roaming around or she’ll get popped by the dude. Anyway, Frank continues walking around, when suddenly tiny noises begin emerging from various rooms, flashlight in his other hand, Frank investigates. Nothing. Perhaps it’s just rats?

So, Frank thinks nothing of it and continues roaming the house, again. You’ll see this guy running back and forth between each room, while answering the phone in between, as his boss and the owner checks in on him. Between all this, Frank gets more spooked by more noises emitting from various rooms and even having slightly bizarre nightmares about some being or demon, and overreacting each time. But it’s not until Carrie (Katie Katz) arrives, when things begin getting interesting.

Carrie comes knocking at the door, but Frank thinks he’s just hearing things and perhaps cabin fever is setting in, I mean, being alone in a freakin’ mansion will surely get to you. So, yeah, he’s skeptical about believing someone is at the door, but he finally checks it out and yeah, she’s there. She’s freezing, scared and looking for a place to stay, so Frank lets her in and they connect, in more ways than one.

After their little sexual encounter, Carrie disappears and Frank goes on the hunt, roaming the mansion, but it’s not until he receives yet another call from his boss, where Frank begins talking about this girl, Carrie, and he soon finds out that said girl was his boss’ daughter, and that she had died six years prior. Questioning whether or not this is real or fantasy, Frank kind of looses it and soon the demons make their presence known. But will Frank survive?

I slightly preferred The Night Shift over Massimiliano Cerchi’s previous film, Insane, as this one had some atmosphere about it, and thanks to the musical score from Jimmy Bolton, it added that much-needed suspense factor, but the story slightly fell apart and I felt as if the ending was rather rushed. As quickly as those demons arrived, they were gone, and you really didn’t get a sense of what they were truly capable of.

Thankfully, Sadie Katz added some much-needed entertainment, and she provided one heck of a hellacious scream, this girl can act, but again, just as her character was developing into something else, it ended.

I really wanted to like this one as the character portrayed on the poster art looks freakin’ awesome, but sadly it never really came to fruition. But, saying that, there were moments of suspense, where I was left waiting for a good scare. Sadly I’m still waiting. Maybe it’s just not for me and maybe some of you will understand this one better than I did. Check out the trailer below and look for this one on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD in early 2017. You can find out more HERE.

2.5 / 5 stars     

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      1. 2B December 26, 2018 at 4:11 am

        Absolute worst garbage I have ever seen. 10/10