Where Have the Horror Cartoons Gone?

Chris Savage

I think as time winds on, we often get a little nostalgic from time to time. For me though, it doesn’t take much to trigger a fond memory of days gone by, you’d think I’d have a case of those “Member berries” from South Park lying around the amount I procrastinate about the good ol’ days. But, just this month it hit me, what with the birth of my son earlier this month. Where are all the horror cartoons at?

Don’t get me wrong, there are still some great cartoons being produced, but I’ve struggled to find any horror cartoons as of late. Now, this might be due to me living in the UK while you guys in the States, Canada, wherever you might be, are possibly inundated with horror cartoons, but I don’t think so. I’ve done a little diggin’ and I’m coming up empty, but why?

I was so pumped looking for new horror cartoons for my son to watch when he gets a little older, but I’ve come up short and it pains me. Man, there used to be a time when we had Beetlejuice, The Trap DoorAttack of the Killer Tomatoes, Tales from the Cryptkeeper, The Toxic Crusaders and my personal favorite Count Duckula (He did make a brief return in the new Danger Mouse) to name but a small few! We sure had a blast and I’d like to think it helped me in part to become the horror fan that I am today, as these were almost a steeping stone into the world of horror and it was fun.

Count Duckula

So, where are they at today? Is it due to a lack of horror films being unable to be adapted for the younger audience? Or perhaps parents want to distance cartoons from horror movies? Maybe studios just don’t want to branch out or don’t see an audience for those types of cartoons? It may even be as simple as kids just not being interested.

What ever the reason, we need more. I mean, the only time I watch The Simpsons now is when they have their Halloween special, but that’s it. It’s a damn shame, especially as a horror fan looking for an entry for the younger audience, like we had in the late eighties through to the nineties. But if horror were to make a return, which horror films could be adapted in this day and age?

Could Shaun of the Dead work? How about something similar to Tales from the Cryptkeeper but base it on Trick ‘r Treat with Sam as the title character? I’d also be interested in seeing The Babadook have a life in cartoon form, but saying that, perhaps horror cartoons are simply from a time gone by and that’s that.

Tales from the Cryptkeeper

But what I would give to have that Gremlins cartoon come to fruition, always seemed like a missed opportunity to me. Sadly it is what it is, unfortunately. However, if you have any input on the decline in horror cartoons, please let me know.

So, are there still horror cartoons floating around? If so, please hit me up as I’d love to check them out. Also, would you like to see horror cartoons make a reappearance and if so, how?


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      1. Tim February 9, 2017 at 9:46 am

        Courage the Cowardly Dog is solid. The horror cartoons have gone to Japan. Hellsing Ultimate, Attack on Titan, and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress are great places to start. Princess Resurrection and Ghost Stories are good if you are looking for more lighthearted fare.

        • Chris Savage February 9, 2017 at 10:53 pm

          Awesome! Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll hunt them down.

      2. Tim February 10, 2017 at 3:38 am

        HU, AoT, and KotIF are definitely for teens and up. Good for you, quite graphic for a primary schooler. For young kid friendly cartoons I would go with the Nickelodeon classics Aaahh!! Real Monsters and Invader Zim. Extreme Ghostbusters, Darkstalkers, and Mutant League are fun kids series as well.