New Official Trailer for Jeremy Lutter’s ‘The Hollow Child’

Chris Savage

Thanks to our friend Avery for the heads-up, we can share with you the new official trailer for Jeremy Lutter’s creepy new film The Hollow Child. Something strange is going on in this one and we are utterly intrigued to find out just what. So, care to take a peek? Click on the link below (the trailer has been restricted) and see if you’re as intrigued as us. Also check out the official artwork as well.

The film stars Jessica Mcleod, Hannah Cheramy, John Emmet Tracy, Jana Mitsoula, Genevieve Beuchner, Connor Stanhope, and Johannah Newmarch.

SynopsisDarkness looms over a small town where Samantha, a troubled teen who has been in and out of foster care, is desperate to find a place where she can fit in. Her latest foster family – Liz, Garrett, and their daughter Olivia – find Sam thorny and difficult and she leans increasingly on her friend Emily, the last connection to her troubled past.

When a careless decision by Sam leads to Olivia’s disappearance in the forest behind their house, a frantic search ensues; things look bleak until three days later, Olivia stumbles out of the woods, apparently unharmed. But as time passes, Sam notices odd things about Olivia’s behaviour, and begins to suspect that whatever it is that returned from the woods is not her foster sister. And as she digs deeper, she learns that Olivia is not the first to disappear. The forest is full of secrets, dangerous and old. With time running out, Sam must unravel the mystery before an ancient evil can destroy her family from within.

For more information on the film, hit up their official Facebook page.


The Hollow Child


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