Guillermo Del Toro Says ‘Hellboy 3’ will ‘100%’ Not Happen

Jason McDonald

Nine years after the release of “Hellboy 2” I can’t imagine there are a whole lot of people out there holding out hope for Guillermo Del Toro to make a third film.  I know for sure there was me, Ron Perlman, and Guillermo Del Toro.  So there’s at least three that wanted to see it. Oh and millions of Del Toro/Hellboy fans if you want to come them as well.  After years of speculation and rumors it looks like we finally have a definitive answer to the issue.

Director Guillermo Del Toro took to Twitter today to announce that “Hellboy 3” would officially not happen.  Here’s his exact tweet.

However, it looks like the “Hellboy” franchise as a whole may have some life in it.  Following Del Toro’s tweet “Hellboy” creator Mike Mignola took to Twitter to express his thoughts.

Reading between the lines here it sounds like whatever plan Guillermo del Toro had for “Hellboy” may have fallen through.  It’s entirely possible that there’s still interest in making a new “Hellboy” film, but by taking it a completely different direction that either didn’t involve del Toro or one he didn’t like.  So if del Toro isn’t involved in the future of “Hellboy” will Ron Perlman be? It doesn’t sound like it either.


So whatever the future of “Hellboy” may hold it won’t involve the two primary people who gave life to his cinematic interpretation.  Speaking for myself it’s a move that I find incredibly disappointing as those were the two primary reasons I loved boy “Hellboy” films. Guillermo’s artistic style created a beautifully unique world while Perlman’s performance created an entertaining and nuanced character.  It’s hard to imagine a future for the series without those two components.

What do you think? Bummed about the news? Let us know.



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