Exclusive: Sandy Chukhadarian Delves into ‘Psychos’

Chris Savage

Making its way to VOD this Friday, March 17th is Leomark Studios’ Psychos, and we were lucky enough to catch up with Sandy Chukhadarian, the director of the film, as she delves not only into her latest feature but horror on a whole. Check it out and let us know if you’ll be keeping an eye out for this one this Friday?

[Horror-Movies.ca] – Do you think the audiences prefer a different type of horror movie nowadays? Something more unique?

[Sandy Chukhadarian] – Horror is intriguing to most people as it is the genre that lends to human tragedy at the core. I tried to create a story with well-rounded characters with arcs and twists and turns. I think the overused storylines have a place with audiences but my film “Psychos,” starts with a typical setup but goes to an entirely different universe. That’s why we are elated to see the Film Reviews, received, acknowledging the crafting that went into the story.


[Horror-Movies.ca] – Do you think the horror film industry is healthy at the moment?

[Sandy Chukhadarian] – Yes and No. No, because the horror film industry as well as other genres is seeing a big fish eating the little fish as it comes to the indie filmmaker who can now afford to make a feature film in the digital era. Unfortunately, the skills we have built in writing, directing and producing a film is only a portion of the business. The remaining business is marketing and PR, which is a foreign entity altogether. With full hearts we voluntarily hand over our films to bigger fish out to prey among us who are broke and confused. A filmmaker can put years into making her/his film, only to relinquish all selling rights to a distributor. There are lots of heartbreaking stories out there. And, Yes, there’s a healthy horror industry with the flurry of artists who can afford to make films; there’s no shortage of creativity.

[Horror-Movies.ca] – Was it important to you to make sure the ratio of horror and character was even here?

[Sandy Chukhadarian] – I like to see blood but if that’s the only factor in a film, then one can get desensitized. That’s why a relatable character is crucial for any story. Once a character is developed properly, there are no bounds to the level of horror. So, in effect the ratio of horror can be tweaked but the same can not be said about the character developed.


[Horror-Movies.ca] – Has technology helped the indie movie – in that it’s now easier to shoot a movie and get it distributed?

[Sandy Chukhadarian] – For sure, the digital era with less expensive gear is cost effective for filmmakers. However, post production can be super expensive if you have a certain level of standards applied to the film. I mean, anyone can shoot a movie on his/her iphone but it’s the production around the iphone that can be costly IF a level of standard is desired. As for distribution, I talked to many interested parties and decided on our distributor Leomark Studios. We didn’t know who to trust as the word on the street is grim in terms of predatory distributors. Luckily, we have a great distributor who is on top of things.

[Horror-Movies.ca] – You have a perfect cast. What did you like about them?

[Sandy Chukhadarian] – My cast was awesome. Couldn’t ask for another group of professionals who all brought their A-game. Not only did they do the research for these complex and disturbing characters, they were gracious to assist in the under-served departments as it happens in low budget. Everyone worked as a team. Angelica Chitwood, who played Sasha and Will Ahrens, played the Transient, assisted with Casting.


[Horror-Movies.ca] – If you had to choose two films that PSYCHOS resembles, what might they be?

[Sandy Chukhadarian] – The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and I Spit On Your Grave

[Horror-Movies.ca] – Have you had any mentors? Or even directors you look up to?

[Sandy Chukhadarian] – Billy Wilder, Hitchcock, Fincher, Cronenberg,

[Horror-Movies.ca] – Is sound as important to you as vision to you?

[Sandy Chukhadarian] – Sound has 52% importance over Vision at 48% but people don’t give sound its true credit.

[Horror-Movies.ca] – Do you know what’s next for you?

[Sandy Chukhadarian] – In keeping with my fascination with the brain and it’s unique quarks unknown still, I’m writing a script on the REDEFINED explanation of what makes a Zombie since George Romero’s (genius) initial definition from which artists always take. We love zombies and need a new take on this though. It’s time! My Zombie script takes place in a 16-hour period and uses events like the recent Ebola scare. The root of the redefinition could be racially charged though but genetically factual. I see the movie in a combination of The Birds and Shawn of the Dead. Yeah, it’s gonna be funny.

We will be keeping an eye out for more from Sandy Chukhadarian in the future, what about you? In the meantime check out the trailer below and we’d love to hear what you think of this one.


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