J.D. Dillard in Talks to Direct a New Remake of ‘The Fly’

Jason McDonald

The idea of a “Fly” remake isn’t anything new.  A quick search shows that the idea has been bouncing around since at least 2012 and, no doubt, long before that.  But now the idea appears to be more concrete as Fox has found a potential crew to take on the project.

According to Deadline Fox is in talks with director J.D. Dillard to direct and co-write a new “Fly” film along with co-writer Alex Theurer.  Dillard and Theurer most recently worked on the thriller “Sleight” which is about a street magician taking on drug dealers.

For the uninitiated “The Fly” is about a scientist working on teleportation technology when a rogue fly finds its way into his testing chamber and fuses it’s DNA with his. If you happen to see the Cronenberg version of this film, then you’ll learn that “The Fly” is an insanely grotesque movie. And super awesome because of it.  The original 1958 version is also solid and is an equally depressing tale, but far less of a burden on the stomach.

Stay tuned for more details as we await to see if the whole thing really comes together.


The Fly Remake


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