‘Kreator’ Pays Homage to 80s Slashers with Their Official Video for ‘Pleasure to Kill’

Chris Savage

It may have taken a mere 31 years, but the legendary German thrashers, Kreator, have finally unleashed an official music video to the title track of their 1986 album of the same name, “Pleasure to Kill”. The video was created in celebration of the upcoming re-releases of their first four records; “Endless Pain“, “Pleasure To Kill“, “Terrible Certainty” and “Extreme Aggression“, and it’s totally killer!

What with “Pleasure to Kill” being released in 1986 and the band members being fans of slasher movies, the video pays homage to that year and we have a killer that is somewhat a cross between Jason Voorhees and Leatherface and it’s raw and in your face, plus it also features some awesome classic footage of the band.

In regards to the music video, founding guitarist/frontman Mille Petrozza told Noisey the following;

Grupa13 came up with the idea of filming the TV sets with old footage instead of using my original idea of just using the old material and edit it into a new video. I came up with the idea to add a trashy storyline that captures the vibe of the year 1986, when Pleasure to Kill was recorded. The album concept was loosely based on a fake documentary called Faces of Death, and everyone in the band was a big fan of early slasher movies made by directors like Hershel Gordon Lewis, Lucio Fulci, and Tobe Hooper. This is our tribute to the glorious times of that genre. Don’t take this video too serious—no hidden message on a metaphorical level here! We have kept this very simple and the idea is, to take you back on a trip to the eighties to celebrate the rerelease of our first four albums.

The music video was directed by Dariusz Szermanowicz and Rafal Szermanowicz and you can watch the mayhem below.

If you haven’t already, check out their latest album “Gods of Violence“, it’s a true thrash masterpiece!

For more on Kreator, hit up their official Facebook page.


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