Iconic Filmmaker George Romero Has Passed Away at the Age of 77

Jason McDonald

George Romero, the Godfather of the modern zombie and all-around great guy has passed away today.  The news was revealed earlier today by his family.  In a statement given to the LA Times his family revealed that George had passed away in his sleep after after a battle with lung cancer.

As we all know, George Romero is responsible for our modern take on zombies after his groundbreaking film “Night of the Living Dead” redefined what a zombie is.  That movie essentially laid out the groundwork for our current pop culture lexicon.  Without “Night of the Living Dead” who knows what the horror landscape would look like.  And not only is that film important for what it did for the zombie, but it’s also significant because of the way it handled race.  It was a truly progressive film and that might be a fact that gets lost today as people focus on the zombie part of Romero’s life.

Along with his many zombie films Romero also directed such horror favorites as “The Crazies”, “Monkey Shines”, and “Creepshow.”

In the letter released to the times they stated that Romero was surrounded by family and listening to the score of his favorite film “The Quiet Man.”  Sounds like a beautiful way to go.

Thank-you George, you will be missed.  And our thoughts are with his friends and family at this time.

George Romero

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      1. sam hain July 16, 2017 at 10:41 pm

        Very sad. George, you will be missed.