Chris Columbus Says ‘Gremlins 3’ Will Be as Dark as the First Film

Jason McDonald

It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like the fabled third “Gremlins” movie is even closer to becoming a reality.  And while many may fear what a modern day “Gremlins” film would be like, it sounds like “Gremlins” director and writer on “Gremlins 3” is trying to keep the film in the spirit of the original.

While speaking with /Film Columbus stated that he wanted to take the film back to the tone of the original film which was considerably darker than the campy nature of “Gremlins 2.”  Let us not forget the sexy female Gremlin.  Here’s how Columbus described his direction for “Gremlins 3”:

It is as twisted and dark as anything, so we’ll see. It’s always a budgetary conversation when we’re going to shoot it. I wanted to go back to the really twisted sensibility of the first movie. I found that was a very easy place for me to fall back into and start writing again so hopefully we’ll see that movie soon.

And of course taking the film back to the tone of the original is a great move, but what about the other issues of making a modern Gremlins film?  The technical issues like will there be practical effects or will Gizmo be a furry ball of CGI?  Well, don’t worry, it sounds like Columbus has the right idea about how to marriage the classic effects with the new.

CGI will enable us to remove wires and make the puppeteers lives a little easier. It was brutal. It was like a marathon every night for those guys. In the bar scene alone there were 18 [or] 20 people behind the bar. No one had any space to move. It was just hellish for those guys so CGI will simplify that a little bit but it’s all puppets.

Everything sounds pretty awesome, right? It’s like Columbus is hitting all the right notes and we’re going to get a great new “Gremlins” film and everyone will leave the theater happy.  Or will we?  /Film, those monsters, raise the point that while Gizmo is cute and adorable, isn’t he the center of all the horror?  Wouldn’t the world be safer if we got rid of him? To which Columbus ominously replies.

“Very good observation,” Columbus said. “That comes up in the movie, certainly.”


Guess we’ll have to wait and see what horrible fate awaits Gizmo.



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