SRS Cinema Delves into Todd Sheets’ Early Work with ‘Sheets of Gore’

Chris Savage

If you love gore, then you’re probably quite familiar with the work of one Todd Sheets. The dude made a slew of films that were shot-on-video in the 90s, and each one was filled to the brim with the red stuff, with such films as Zombie Bloodbath and Violent New Breed, that helped satisfy that lust for gore. So, how about going back all the way to start with his earliest short films? Well, SRS Cinema is doing just that with their compilation set Sheets of Gore, and we have your first look below.

From the Press Release:

Todd Sheets is quite possibly the best known director among the shot-on-video filmmakers of the 1990’s. His work garnered a huge following despite budget shortcomings, thanks largely to the buckets of blood he heaped upon viewers in each and every motion picture he made. But like all filmmakers, Todd had to start somewhere, beginning his career making shorts on super 8mm and analog video. And now, for the first time ever, SRS Cinema is bringing these never-before-seen shorts to you on two compilation releases … we present Sheets of Gore Vols. 1 and 2 on limited edition VHS and Blu-ray!

Limited editions are now in stock and ship immediately. Each volume has between 70-90 minutes of shorts from Todd and may be a mix of early shot-on-analog video work and super 8mm film. The best available materials were used in the making of each volume and may be rough in spots.

The Blu-rays will be limited to just 100 units each and the VHS limited to just 25 units each. More than half of each format has already sold out.

A DVD release will follow in early 2018 and will be a single-volume 90-minute compilation of select shorts from the two volumes.

If you hurry, you can score your copy right HERE.

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