The Dog Walker [Horror Short Review]

Chris Savage

Our friends from over the pond; Slumberjack Entertainment, are doing a ton of fun stuff, ranging from their zombie web-series all the way to their crazy slasher short film, The Quacky Slasher. Now, Peter Mckeirnon and his team have completed yet another short film and it’s their quickest turn around on any one of their projects to date. The short; The Dog Walker, was completed with a micro budget of just £45, and filmed within 5 hours. And, of course, they have done a pretty sweet job once again.

The Dog Walker stars Neil Gallagher as the title character as he roams the woods walking his dog, however to his horror, he finds a deceased woman who appears to have been bludgeoned to death and thus informs the local authorities. But, not all is what it seems and you can probably guess where this is going, and it does a great job of doing just that. I ain’t gonna spoil it.

Now, this comes in at just under the 4 minute mark so it’s a quick little treat, but it is a great treat at that. Once again, Neil Gallagher shines through and gives a great little performance as our mysterious dog walker, and thus, we have another of his characters that I loved to see more of.

Also a quick shout out to Andrew Butterworth as the policeman and Sarah Chesters as the unfortunate victim. And of course, the dog played by Axel delivered an outstanding performance, way to go buddy!

While we have no word as to when this will get a public release, we can reveal that the micro short will receive its first screening at The Quacky Slasher premiere on September 16, 2017. More details can be found on their official Facebook page.

While this one is predictable, it’s still great fun and continues to showcase just what they can do with so little money. Keep an eye on these guys and perhaps you may see this one on the festival circuit soon.

4 / 5 stars     

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      1. Neil Gallagher September 6, 2017 at 9:09 pm

        Thanks guys! Glad you liked it.