First Official Teaser Trailer for ‘Bonehill Road’

Chris Savage

Several months ago we learned that Todd Sheets was working on his latest flick, Bonehill Road, and since then we’ve been waiting for more as I’m sure many of you have been too considering they absolutely smashed their Indiegogo campaign! And with that, we can share with you the first official teaser trailer which gives us a little more to chew on.

The film stars Linnea Quigley, Gary Warner Kent, Eli DeGeer, Ana Rojas Plumberg, Millie MIlan, Dilynn Fawn Harvey, and Douglas Epps.

As per their campaign;

Bonehill Road is my newest film. It is an homage to classic monster films like The Howling and An American Werewolf In London. In some ways, it is a throwback to the films we grew up with… the real horror movies that we all love so much, and in another way it is a modern horror flick that uses old school techniques, including Practical Monster Effects. NO CGI at all here. Our goal is to make an exciting, scary monster movie with some really cool werewolves.

Every dime will be put into the monsters. This whole campaign is ALL about the werewolves. We have our base Budget and distribution is already in place, we just need extra funds for our creature effects. If we are lucky enough to go OVER the budget listed here, we will use every dime for more effects and production costs. No salaries are ever taken by me, the director. EVERY dime will be put on screen, so the more money we have, the better. This budget was our minimum for extra creature stuff.

For more information, hit up their official Facebook page.

Bonehill Road Poster


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