[Trailer] First Look at the Creature Feature ‘Itsy Bitsy’

Chris Savage

For those of you who are looking for a creature feature with some serious bite, look no further as we may just have the one for you. From Micah Gallo comes his latest film Itsy Bitsy, a film which he describes as “the creature aspects of Jaws mixed with the character drama of something like the Exorcist.” And judging by the trailer (see below) we’re inclined to agree. The film so far looks truly suspenseful and highly intriguing, so if you’d like to know more head on down below and check out this little blighter.

From the Press Release:

Filmmakers Cory Neal and Micah Gallo have launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring the original horror film Itsy Bitsy to the silver screen. Gallo hopes die-hard horror fans are excited to help make a new horror classic, and to resurrect this genre of suspense films that become a film event cult phenomena.

Their overall goal is to raise $40,000 from fan support via the Kickstarter campaign by October 11, 2017 to complete the project.

Itsy Bitsy marries the high concept fun of a film reminiscent of Jaws with the edgy character drama of a film like The Exorcist and features a woman in the center scorned by her past. Her physical fight is with the creature while her battle inside is ambivalence versus pure love.

“Over ten years of imagination and diligence was distilled into creating Itsy Bitsy and Kickstarter is important because it gives us a platform to premiere our content with a wide reach,” said director Micah Gallo. “By connecting with other people passionate about supporting movies (and scary spiders) we can finish our film at the level we’ve envisioned.”

“Kickstarter supporters will help us push this original story across the finish line with a quality level of post-production the film deserves,” said producer Cory Neal. “We hope fans of suspense (and spiders) will get behind us.”

Cory Neal, best known for producing the HATCHET franchise, including the upcoming fourth film in the series VICTOR CROWLEY, along with Micah Gallo have nearly 20 years experience between them and have worked with many top filmmakers throughout their careers. The filmmakers are utilizing Kickstarter to ask supporters of the suspense film genre to give them the opportunity to show it.

The film tells the story of single mother “Kara” (Elizabeth Roberts) who moves from New York to the quiet countryside with her two children for a job opportunity she can’t afford to turn down. The family moves into their humble new guesthouse. Kara begins her work as a private nurse to “Walter,” (Bruce Davison) a man stricken with multiple sclerosis and an appraiser of rare antiquities with a secretive past.

Her teenage son, Jesse, (Arman Darbo) is unhappy about this most of all. Losing his friends and moving to the middle of nowhere hasn’t made his job of looking after his little sister, “Cambria,” (Chloe Perrin) any easier.

Doom precedes them. “Akiba,” (Treva Etienne) a shady international associate of Walter’s, brings with him a mysterious relic of ancient origin. “Kara” encounters run in with a local sheriff played by genre veteran actor Denise Crosby.

All too quickly they discover the relic contains more than just legends. Inside, waits a terrifying creature born of ancient darkness and pure instinct…a pre-historic cave Spider unlike the modern world has ever seen.

Contributors to the Itsy Bitsy Kickstarter Campaign will receive unique, amazing, thrilling, one-of-a-kind incentives for supporting the project. More details about the project can be found on the Itsy Bitsy website.

For more information on the film, hit up their official Facebook page.

Itsy Bitsy


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      1. Micah Gallo September 28, 2017 at 12:07 am

        Thanks Chris! As you know it’s advocates like you and your readers that make all the difference for indie films like Itsy Bitsy. And since Kickstarter is all or nothing it means the world to us for everyone who shares or contributes to our campaign. We hope to succeed and deliver on the scares promised in the trailer! All the best, Micah, director of Itsy Bitsy

        • Chris Savage October 4, 2017 at 6:33 am

          No worries Micah! The film looks absolutely awesome and we hope that you reach your goal. Thanks for contacting us. All the best, Chris.