SGL Entertainment Unleashes ‘The Killer 4 Pack Vol II’

Chris Savage

From the folks over at SGL Entertainment comes their latest home video release, The Killer 4 Pack Vol II, and much like Vol I, you get four films for the price of one! However, this time we have four films from Massimiliano Cerchi which are; Hellbilly, Hellinger, Carnage: The Legend of Quiltface and Holy Terror. Not sure why they didn’t just label this one as “The Massimiliano Cerchi Collection”? Either way, if you’re looking for something a little different, look for this one on Amazon.com.

From the Press Release:

SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that they have just released The Killer 4 Pack Vol II on DVD. This collection of movies features 4 of Massimiliano Cerchi’s most Terrifying Films.

HELLBILLY In a small town in Nevada, all Hell breaks loose when Billy, a disfigured hillbilly and direct result of incest between brother and sister decides to dismember anyone who gets in his way. This movie is the lost works from horror filmmaker Massimilano Cerchi, and is now being released for the first time ever. WARNING: This film contains unspeakable acts of violence.

HELLINGER A fallen man of the cloth forever bound to the fires of Hell by a pact made with Satan is unleashed to torment humankind. Now the man once known as Father Donaldson has become Hellinger, an unstoppable demon with a unquenchable hunger for human souls and a special place in his black heart for the girl who now thinks he was a mere figment of her imagination.

CARNAGE: THE LEGEND OF QUILTFACE Four students set out for the barren Nevada desert on a class photography assignment. They are soon confronted by a machete-wielding maniac known as Quiltface.

HOLY TERROR Possessed by a demon in life and forced to spend eternity doing the devils bidding in death, a malevolent nun returns to life to torment a young couple and their terrified friends in director Massimiliano Cerchi’s sacrilegious shocker.
The Killer 4 Pack Vol II is available now exclusively at Amazon.com, and is coming soon to Walmart, Best Buy, Target and other fine retailers via our distribution partners Allied Vaughn.

Killer 4 Pack


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