Will You Experience ‘Poltergeist Encounters’ This December?

Chris Savage

From John Migliore (Exorcism of the Dead) comes his latest film Poltergeist Encounters, and we can reveal that the film will be unleashed onto DVD this December 12, 2017, via Wild Eye Releasing. Below we have the official trailer, artwork and more. Will you be checking this one out?

From the Press Release:

From the director of Exorcism of the Dead (2017) and The Friday Night Death Slot (2015) comes a
film about greed and corruption, set in the world of supernatural investigation.

Poltergeist Encounters (2016) is a found-footage horror film, set in an empty suburban home, filled
with dark secrets. The film was directed by John Migliore and produced by Survival Zombie Films.
Mike Trebilcock provided the movie’s score.

Poltergeist Encounters will be available on DVD on December 12th from Wild Eye Releasing.

A questionable group of paranormal investigators with their own web series receive the offer of a
lifetime. They must stay one night in a potentially haunted house to receive a large sum of money.
What could possibly go wrong?

It seems like easy money to Anton, team leader of the group, and privately, an unbeliever in the
supernatural. Mick, Roach, and Terrance are all investigators that take the entire situation far too
lightly, before everything they believe changes.

On that fateful night, they learn that it’s all fun and games until things get real.
The film’s cast includes Andre Guantanamo from The Friday Night Death Slot, Rachél Hopkins from
Johnny Ghoulash Escapes from Creightonville (2014), and Deborah Jayne Reilly Smith from the
soon to be released, Exorcism of the Dead.

Director John Migliore also produced the online shows Partially Devoured Movies and The Midnight
Movie Palace. Both shows can be viewed on the Indie Horror Online Roku Channel and the Survival
Zombie Films Vimeo Channel. Poltergeist Encounters is Migliore’s 3rd feature film.

You can pre-order Poltergeist Encounters from Amazon and Barnes &Noble.

poltergeist Encounters Poster


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