Chiller to Go Off the Air By the End of the Year

Jason McDonald

Remember how much of a bummer it was when FEARnet was gutted and folded into Chiller back in 2014? That was a sucker punch, but surely Comcast had some great plan for their horror network that would ensure the death of FEARnet would not be in vain.  Perhaps it would lead to Chiller having a long and prosperous life full of great original content and an amazing selection of horror… oh wait, it’s dead too.

Deadline is reporting that NBCUniversal has told them they will be putting the Chiller network to rest by the end of the year as they have failed to secure carriage deals with any of the major cable providers.  At a time when horror has never been more profitable, it’s interesting that NBCUniversal couldn’t find some way of pitching this thing to major providers.  Thankfully it doesn’t sound like anyone will be losing their jobs over the closure of Chiller, but it’s still unfortunate that the last remains of FEARnet just got sucked up into all of this and will now quietly fade into nothingness.

Chiller will end it’s broadcasting day on New Year’s Day.



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      1. booboo the fool November 18, 2017 at 2:58 am

        I loved Chiller but I don’t have Directv anymore & my new cable company is to cheap to carry it They could have used some original content but they were a cool network for horror lovers

      2. Miss_Lisa November 22, 2017 at 4:26 pm

        I am really, really sorry to see Chiller go. I used to get it on DirecTV for years, but now it’s only available in a very expensive channel package. I saw some great horror on there, including indie gems that never made it to theaters. It will be greatly missed. Hopefully, SyFy will pick up more horror-based content.