The Golden Globes May Nominate ‘Get Out’ for the Best Comedy Category

Jason McDonald

Yeah, I know big award shows are lame and don’t really matter, but they’re still fun to watch.  Well, by watch I mean I have it on in the background while I do something better with my time.  However, it’s always awesome to see a horror film get some recognition.  This year we’ve had a couple of high profile horror films that could possibly get attention come award season, but one of them may wind up in a rather strange category.

Variety Awards Editor Kristopher Tapley reported on an interesting meeting that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association held yesterday to determine categories. One of the films brought up was Jordan Peele’s hit film “Get Out.”  Now, what category would you possibly place “Get Out” in?  Since there isn’t a horror category, I’d probably go for a drama nomination.  However, that’s not what the HFPA decided. Here’s what Kristopher reported on Twitter:


That’s right, “Get Out” could land in the comedy section should it get a nomination from the Golden Globe.  That may sound bewildering, but it’s not entirely unheard of as Slashfilm points out.  Sci-fi drama “The Martian” was put into the Best Comedy or Musical category.   And, to be fair, “Get Out” may actually be more of a comedy than that film was.  Still, it seems like an odd match to have “Get Out” going up against films that may be more purely comedic or even a freakin’ musical, but that’s kind of the odd place horror finds itself in.  It’s just one of those genre fares that can never fit into the typical Hollywood award season conventions.

At the very least, it’s nice to see Jordan Peele’s film might get some kind of recognition this award season.

Source: /Flim



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