I Make Corpses [Short Film Review]

Chris Savage

We here have been keeping a close eye on indie horror filmmaker Kyle Martellacci, as he is quickly making a name for himself with his short horror films that have absolutely captivated us throughout the past couple of years, and he continues to deliver and prove that you can create original horror shorts on a next to nothing budget, and with that I recently got the chance to catch his latest short, I Make Corpses.

The short follows Ben (Bradley Hamilton), a serial killer whose work has suddenly become exponentially easier thanks to a recent zombie outbreak and thus, is able to create corpses and make it look like they were simply killed by the undead to avoid any suspicion on his part.

Ben also enjoys the company of corpses in the privacy of his bedroom, but soon he makes one fatal error. During a zombie outbreak the dead reanimate and Ben becomes a little complacent in ensuring the corpses are disposed of correctly, and soon his handiwork rears its ugly head.

I Make Corpses is a morbid little piece which also has some fun elements, too. The lighting adds a depth of mood to the film which enhances this morbid tale.

I thought Bradley Hamilton did a great job as the somewhat complacent Ben, he added a nice touch to the character which left me yearning for more and who knows, maybe they’ll give us more backstory to this character one day?

And then, of course, the effects. I thought the team did a great job with this, the zombies/corpses looked great as they had this ghoul-like feel about them which had this eerie edge to them, great stuff.

Kyle Martellacci has delivered a unique tale which kept me captivated and left me wanting more, which is testament to him and his teams skills. If you’re after something a little different in the zombie genre, keep a look out for this one which is currently on the festival circuit.

For more from Kyle Martellacci and his team over at Red Razor Pictures, hit up their official Facebook page.

I Make Corpses Poster

4 / 5 stars     


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