Could MonsterVision Live Again on Shudder?

Jason McDonald

There are a few people that I can proudly blame for making me the weird horror fan that I am today and one of them is Joe Bob Briggs.  I vividly remember being  a kid and staying up late on Saturday nights, after everyone had gone to bed, so I could watch TNT’s MonsterVision with Joe Bob.  His easy sense of humor and depth of pop culture knowledge easily fascinated my childish little mind (and still does) and gave me a good early lesson on horror movies and weird movies from the ’80s.  There’s no doubt I wouldn’t be me without Joe Bob Briggs.

When TNT put a stop to Joe Bob and his late night shenanigans it was truly the end of an era and it broke my fragile little heart.  However, like any good beast, it appears that MonsterVision may live again.  Joe Bob Briggs recently took to Twitter and unceremoniously revealed that the fine people at Shudder may bring “some version” of MonsterVision to their subscription service.  I’m guessing by “some version” they mean that they legally can’t call it “MonsterVision”, but it’ll be something like that.  So what do they need in order to bring the show back to life? Apparently video testimonials.  Here’s the tweet:


So yeah, it looks like Joe Bob Briggs is trying to amass support from the fans to prove to Shudder that there is still interest in MonsterVision.  So if you’re one of the many fans out there and you want to support Joe Bob Briggs, you know what to do.


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