‘New Mutants’ Pushed Back to 2019 to Possibly Make it Scarier

Jason McDonald

Well, “New Mutants” was one of my most anticipated movies of 2018. So much for that as it looks like the X-men themed horror flick is being pushed back a year.

Fox announced today that it was going to be shuffling around some of its upcoming X-Men films like “Deadpool”, “Gambit” and “New Mutants.”  There’s no indication if this is a result of the Disney purchase, but regardless, “New Mutants” will now come out on February 22, 2019 instead of April 13, 2018.  There are a lot of theories going around about why the move was made, including the idea that it was moved into 2019 so it would have more room to breath.  However, Tracking Board says that the move may have been made to make the film scarier:

Word on the street is that after the film tested well but not great, the studio decided to actually embrace the film’s horror elements and beef up the scares in the wake of the success of It and Get Out last year.

On one hand it makes me a little worried if they’re just trying to capitalize on popular horror movies; however, it leads them to making a purely horror themed superhero movie then let’s go for it.  If the year leads to a more improved film, then that’s great, but I’m still gonna be pretty bummed to see “New Mutants” get pushed so far out.


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