New RoboCop Movie to be Direct Sequel to Original Movie?

Chris Savage

I love, love, love Paul Verhoeven’s RoboCop. I love it so much I must watch it at least once a month. Is that excessive or am I merely slacking? I know you guys love this film, too, and maybe we have a few fans of the remake?

So, we all love RoboCop and all is good in the world… Okay, maybe not ALL good in the world, but want to know something that may make life a little more tolerable? We may have a direct sequel to the original RoboCop movie in the works according to RoboCop co-creator Ed Neumeier.

Den of Geek caught wind of a little snippet over at Zeitgeist Magazine, where Neumeier dropped this little bombshell;

It’s nice that people are still interested in RoboCop and they have me working on a new one at MGM right now so maybe we’ll get another one out of it.

We’re not supposed to say too much. There’s been a bunch of other RoboCop movies and there was recently a remake and I would say this would be kind of going back to the old RoboCop we all love and starting there and going forward. So it’s a continuation really of the first movie. In my mind. So it’s a little bit more of the old school thing.

At this moment it’s kinda just there at the studio, so perhaps nothing will come of this, but maybe it will…

The question is, if this does go-ahead, who will be playing the iconic role of Alex Murphy?


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      1. steve hain January 25, 2018 at 12:50 am

        There was already a sequel, it was called Robocop 2 and it was very good.