A Sequel to ‘Tales from the Hood’ is in the Works

Jason McDonald

That’s a title that I’m both surprised to be writing now and shocked that I’m writing for the first time.  It looks like we’re actually getting a sequel to “Tales from the Hood” and it’s pretty amazing that we’ve never gotten one before.

“Tales from the Hood” was an anthology film released in 1995 that showcased four different tales about racism, gang violence, and police corruption. It was a solid horror film that dealt with a lot of African American social issues.  And even though it wasn’t an amazing movie, it was still really damn entertaining, and it’s surprising that there weren’t sequels.  This was the kind of movie that could’ve easily found a niche in the direct to video market and been a popular presence in Blockbuster since it wasn’t super popular in theaters.

Now, twenty three years later, it looks like the original director Rusty Cundieff is finally working on a follow-up and he revealed it through a tweet he has since deleted from Twitter. The original tweet essentially revealed that he was currently location scouting for “Tales from the Hood 2.”  Apparently Cundieff said too much, because soon after the tweet was deleted.  However, he did follow up with a more coy revelation stating that:

So yeah, it’s happening after twenty years! I can’t wait to see what sort of topics and issues a modern tales will deal with. But even more than that, I wonder if Clarence Williams III will return to star as he played the narrator in the original film.

What do you think? Excited for a new “Tales from the Hood”? Let us know below.

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      1. Christian Luciani January 11, 2018 at 1:08 am

        Phenomenal news!