Original Man in the Mask Was Not Pleased with the ‘The Strangers’ Sequel

Jason McDonald

Personally, I enjoyed the recent release of “Strangers: Prey at Night,” but I did have some qualms about it.  That being said, I fully recognize I might be in the minority.  Critics mostly turned against it and horror fans seem to be pretty mixed.  But no one seems to be more upset about the sequel than someone who starred in the original.

Kip Weeks, the man who played the original Man in the Mask in the first “Strangers”, has been rather vocal about his displeasure with the sequel. Dread Central caught up with the actor to get his take on the “Strangers: Prey at Night” and he had some choice words to share with them.  Speaking with the site Kip opened up about how he expressed his feelings to one of the producers:

I had a long back and forth with one of the producers. I told him, “You destroyed an art form.” I told him: “You have no idea what it means to create a character from its core. You made a piece of shit, jump scare movie without realizing you had gold in your hands.”

So is Kip totally against the idea of a sequel?  Not entirely, in fact he has some ideas for how they could’ve done it:

They could have made a movie about “The Strangers”: where they came from and why they became killers. Instead, they made it about some bullshit family and wasted Christina Hendricks’ acting skills. The fans wanted depth and story and honesty. They gave them shit.

I will agree with him that Christina Hendricks was misused in the film and should’ve been given more to work with.  However, I think the idea of a “Strangers” film that explores who they are and where they came from would ruin the mystique of the characters.  I think what was so compelling about them in the first film was that they didn’t have a reason to do what they did. It was simply because the victims were home.  It’s cold and chilling and all you need to know about their motivations.  And the fact that we never get to know who they are is unsettling because they could literally be anyone. They aren’t supernatural slashers like Jason or Michael and they don’t have a crazy tragic backstory like Norman Bates.  They’re just random people that you could be encountering in your day to day life.

But that’s just my opinion.  What do you think reader?  Agree with Kip?  Let us know down below.

The strangers man in the mask

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      1. steve hain March 25, 2018 at 6:30 pm

        Christina Hendrick’s acting talents are her H cups. And they are magnificent.