Is Fred Ward Reteaming with Kevin Bacon for the New ‘Tremors’ Series?

Jason McDonald

There’s only a tiny bit of meat of the bones of this story, but if it turns out to be true it could be the most delicious bit of meat.

As we all know SyFy is working on a “Tremors” TV series with Kevin Bacon set to star.  At this time we haven’t gotten too many official reports other than some small casting news and the fact that the only thing they’ve shot so far is the pilot.  Sooooo consider this bit of news definitely “unconfirmed.”

On Twitter (the most reliable source of news) Richard Clark, in a fit of joy, tweeted about Universal shooting an 8-part “Tremors” series this summer with Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward set to star.  Richard Clark, for those that don’t know, is a director who has worked on such shows as “Outlander” and “Doctor Who.”  So possibly a guy that might be in the know with these kind of things.  Clark was responding to a tweet from Stephen Gallagher, a writer on “Doctor Who”, who later in response pointed out that Fred Ward hasn’t been confirmed and is just listed as “rumored” on IMDB.

So is Clark just pointing out something he saw on IMDB?  Is Fred Ward actually involved in the project?  Who knows! At this point all this speculation just points to one simple thing: we’re hungry to finally get some official “Tremors” news.  The last time we heard about this series was way back in in November 2017, so it seems like by now they should have decided whether or not they’re moving forward with the thing.  Come on Universal, what’s the deal?



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