J.J. Abrams Says ‘Overlord’ is not a ‘Cloverfield’ Movie But a Proper ‘Cloverfield’ Sequel is Coming

Jason McDonald

It looks like the era of retrofitting existing movies into “Cloverfield” sequels may be coming to an end.  While “10 Cloverfield Lane” was an excellent film, the “Cloverfield Paradox” fell a bit flat and may have rained on the Cloverfield parade as a previously rumored addition to the franchise is now being set free.

Director/Producer/Creative Guy J.J. Abrams made an appearance at CinemaCon this week to speak about the upcoming Star Trek films, but he also showed off some footage from Bad Robot’s upcoming WW2 zombie film “Overlord.”  Previously, it was heavily rumored that “Overlord” would be assimilated into the “Cloverfield” franchise, but J.J. Abrams denied those rumors during his presentation.  Instead the movie will be Bad Robot’s first R-Rated feature.

In “Overlord” a group of paratroopers land behind enemy lines during WW2 only to discover horrors beyond their imaginations.  The film is set to release later this year on October 26.

So if “Overlord” won’t be part of the “Cloverfield” universe, will we be getting a new “Cloverfield” movie? Yes.  According to Abrams they are “developing a true, dedicated Cloverfield sequel” that will actually be released in theaters instead of on a streaming service like “Paradox” was.  So there you have it, we’re getting  a proper sequel, but it may be awhile before we hear about it.

Source: Variety

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