‘Rampage’ Storms into the Box Office While ‘A Quiet Place’ Slides Into Second Place Ahead of ‘Truth or Dare’

Jason McDonald

Another weekend has come and gone (ugh) and two new films entered the box office fray against last week’s champion “A Quiet Place.”  Last week “A Quiet Place” blew people away by earning an impressive $50 million in the domestic box office.  Along with the impressive financial debut the film also had a ton of critical praise, so it definitely had a lot going for it coming into its second weekend.  However, if anything was going to stop its forward momentum it would have to be a a movie featuring the Rock battling giant monsters.

While Dwayne Johnson doesn’t always crush it at the box office, more often than not his films tend to do pretty damn well.  So it’s not too shocking that “Rampage” managed to wrestle away the number one spot from “A Quiet Place” this weekend.  What is surprising, though, is that “Rampage” only just managed to take the number one spot.  The giant monster flick earned an admirable $34 million while “A Quiet Place” picked up another $32 million bringing its grand total to an impressive $99 million.

And while the two big boys battled it out, a third participant slid into a distant third place.  “Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare” came in at a comfortable $19 million.  While it’s not doing gangbusters, it’s still a good showing thanks to Blumhouse’s micro-budget strategy.  Even at $19 million it’s still a nice return on investment.  I have to admit, though, I was sure this one would’ve had a stronger debut.  While it’s not my kind of flick, it’s a PG-13 teen horror movie that should’ve appealed to high schoolers.  However, I know for sure that if I was in high school and I was presented with a movie like “Truth or Dare” and a movie about Dwayne Johnson fighting a giant monkey it would’ve been no contest.  Giant monkey all day everyday.

So what did you see this weekend?  Did you see anything at all?  Let us know down below.



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