‘The Stand’ May Wind Up On CBS All Access as a Limited Series

Jason McDonald

Remember when it looked like “The Stand” was going to be the next big project from Academy Award winning director Ben Affleck?  That was way back in the magical year of 2013 and, as you can plainly see, that never came to be.  Despite the many other Stephen King adaptations that have come to pass “The Stand” has seemingly been cursed and doomed to rot in development hell.  However, a new rumor suggests there is new life in the project.

The Tracking Board, in a lengthy and interesting report about director Josh Boone and his “New Mutants” film, has an interesting tidbit about the ongoing saga surrounding “The Stand.”  Josh Boone was the latest director to be left holding the hot potato project and while he’s currently dealing with “New Mutants” it appears that Boone is still very much attached to “The Stand.”  However, it looks like the adaptation will no longer be a film adaptation.  Instead the Tracking Board reports that it’ll now live on as a ten hour limited series on CBS All Access.

If you’re wondering what CBS All Access is, it’s the streaming service you need to subscribe too to watch such CBS properties as “The Big Bang Theory” and “Star Trek Discovery.”  Now, to be fair, I’ve heard some good things about the original programming featured on All Access I’m just a little burnt out on the idea of subscribing to more streaming services.  That being said, the idea of “The Stand” being turned into a ten episode series actually sounds like the best way to adapt the book.  All Access is also, from what I hear, not afraid to get R-Rated with its content so they would be able to get pretty wild with the series.  I just wish it was on something like HBO or maybe even Netflix. You know, something I have to make it easier for me to watch.

What do you think? Would you prefer “The Stand” becoming a series instead of a movie?



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