[Video] ‘Dead Town’ Series 2: Episode 1 Has Arrived

Chris Savage

The boys are back in Peter Mckeirnon’s Dead Town, as the zombie web-series continues on with its first episode of the second season, and it’s just as fun as what we’ve seen before, although I think they’ve upped the ante on the practical effects as they look absolutely stellar!

Anyway, 80s Dave (Karl Davies), John (Michael Hagen) and Butty (Neil Gallagher) have escaped from the lock-up and it’s the morning after, and things kick off straight away with a vivid nightmare from John, as he experiences a traumatic nightmare courtesy of Spam Airlines. You know Spam, right? Not the stuff that clogs your inbox, it’s the stuff that probably clogs something else. So, it’s a fun little segment, kinda Twilight Zone-like, but soon John wakes up and he’s probably worse off.

The gang continue their search for Emily, but not before long, John, makes his first kill in hysterical fashion at the thoughts of taking down a dirty tabloid paper, it’s great stuff, while 80s Dave fantasizes about Gregg’s sausage rolls and Butty picks up on a clue which brings them closer to finding Emily.

It’s a fun episode, with, like I said excellent practical effects, from a toy zebra being impaled into a zombie’s forehead, to 80s Dave taking out his aggression on the head of the undead and, of course, the return of some witty lines. Butty, played by Neil Gallagher is still my favorite character but, they all have great moments and it appears as if they gel well. So, take a peek at the episode below and if you liked the previous episodes, I think you will love this one. The budget appears to have increased, probably due to Spam paying them for the continued promotion…

And if you haven’t, check out their official Youtube channel for the previous episodes.


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