Can You Help Peggy Neal Return to the Screen in New Kaiju Movie?

Chris Savage

Our good friend Avery Guerra is working as the publicist and consulting producer for the upcoming Kaiju film, The Great Buddha Arrival (Daibutsu Kokaiku), and while the film had an extremely successful fundraiser in Japan where they reached over 148% of their goal, Avery has been working tirelessly to hunt down one of cinema’s classic actresses, the one and only Peggy Neal. After a long fought out search, not only did he locate her but Peggy became so intrigued by the concept of the movie hat she accepted the offer of a role in the film.

So, this is where you guys come in. While the film is 100% funded and with filming set to take place this August, they are looking to gather some funds to bring Peggy over so she can once again shine on the screen. The Kickstarter campaign has a slew of rewards in return for your hard-earned cash, so hit up the link and see if you can help in any way.

Here’s Avery explaining why they need the funds;

In the way to fulfilling mine as well as many, many other kaiju fans’ dreams of seeing her back in action…While the original campaign in Japan successfully raised the funding in order to get this film properly made and even some extra funds that were used to secure some really great talent our budget is stretched now. This is where we really could use your help to get Peggy Neal to the set of our film so she can once again grace the screen in our exciting new all star kaiju film.

These funds will go towards covering Peggy and her traveling assistant’s airfare, hotel, meals, and fees. Of course any amount we’re able to raise with your help past our goal will go to the crew and production to make the best film possible. Peggy is very excited about the possibility of working on this film. We now reach out to you the fans and hope that you’ll show Peggy the fan love she deserves for giving us such fun performances and pitch in to help us all realize this dream of our’s.

The film currently stars Akira Takarada, Yukijiro Hotaru, and Shelley Sweeney.

For more information, hit up their official website.

Great Buddha

Peggy Neal


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