Jared Leto to Play ‘Morbius’ in New Sony Movie

Jason McDonald

So while we’re all waiting to see how that Sony “Venom” movie is going to turn out and to see if Sony can justify their existence in the superhero universe, the company appears to be doubling down on their new strategy.

Now that Marvel and Disney have shown Sony how to properly do Spider-Man again, Sony seems to be determined as all hell to strike back with their own universe of movies. There were numerous rumours and reports about various Spider-Man characters getting their own solo movie, but so far only “Venom” has managed to come to fruition and we’ve yet to learn how that’ll turn out.

Not wanting to waste any time though, Sony has announced that another Spider-Man foe is getting a movie.  Morbius the Living Vampire is set to get a feature film adaptation with Jared Leto signed on to star as the titular character.  Daniel Espinosa, who last directed “Life” for Sony, will direct this feature.  Along with that they’ve also announced that the duo behind the latest “Lost in Space” series, Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama, will write the feature.

So who exactly is Morbius?  Well, as his title of “Living Vampire” implies, he is a vampire.  Morbius was a scientist who went and screwed around with some stuff he shouldn’t have and wound up turning himself into a deformed vampire.  However, while Morbius started off as a Spider-Man villain, he same became an anti-hero in his own right.

Morbius is actually a pretty cool character, but not the kind of figure that I would imagine basing a whole movie around.  He’s the sort of person that I thought would eventually show up in a Blade movie, but that sadly never came to pass.

A few months ago That Hashtag Show managed to get an early plot synopsis of the movie which pegged it as an action horror film. Here’s what they had:

Horror action story of a scientist who, in trying to find a cure for a rare blood disease, accidentally transformed himself into a living vampire who, though disgusted by his own bloodlust, chooses to prey upon criminals he deems unworthy of life.

So stay tuned as we find out if this thing will actually come to life or if it’ll die on the vine like so many other Sony projects.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter



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