Jordan Peele Wants to Make a ‘Gargoyles’ Movie

Jason McDonald

I know “Gargoyles” isn’t horror, but a kid that was a huge fan of monsters it was the most kick-ass offering on the Disney Afternoon line-up.  “Ducktales” and “Recess” were alright, but “Gargoyles” was like adult programming for kids.  It featured badass gargoyle monsters being brought back to life in modern day New York to do battle with ancient enemies and corporate conspiracies.  And while Disney has revisited various properties throughout the years, “Gargoyles” always seems to be neglected.  But now the series has a new champion.

According to The Ankler director/writer/actor Jordan Peele has been approaching Disney about trying to make a live action version of the ’90s cartoon series “Gargoyles.”  Jordan Peele is still hot off of “Get Out” and winning an Oscar for the film, so you would think that any studio would jump at the chance to work with him if he came calling.  However, according to Ankler, Disney has cold feet about reviving “Gargoyles.”  Apparently the studio is not outright saying “no” to Jordan Peele, but is trying to drag their feet on the decision hoping that he’ll get wrapped up in other projects.

So why would Disney be hesitant to go all in with Peele?  It could be that they’re afraid of how dark he’d go with the property.  Jordan is a huge horror fan and he just came off directing a socially conscious horror movie and “Gargoyles” was kind of edgy for a kids show, so perhaps Disney is afraid that the combination of Peele and the edgy potential of “Gargoyles” could lead to a project too dark for their brand of film.  Might be easier to drag your feet on the project now rather than have to reject and/or neuter a project from a director that is currently on fire.  Doing that would potentially make them look worse than failing to green light a project.

But we’ll see.  This news has been sparking a lot of interest and maybe Disney will see the potential of earning money and take an uncharacteristic risk.  Stranger things have happened.


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