Is Max Landis Working on the ‘Creature From the Black Lagoon’ Remake?

Jason McDonald

Imagine the most tenuous thread you possibly can to connect two points together.  Now thin that thread by 50% with a medical laser and you’ll have the current thread linking Max Landis to a “Creature from the Black Lagoon” remake.  Still, the following does make for an interesting theory.

So about twenty days ago writer/director Max Landis is answering questions on his Instagram story when someone asks him about his upcoming projects.  Being coy about the whole thing, Max answers with a bunch of abbreviations.  You’ve got “GV”, “DS”, “H”, “TTP”, “AWIL”, and “CFBL.”  Now, we know that right now (well maybe right now… I can’t see him) Max is working on the remake of “American Werewolf in London” aka “AWIL.”  The remake is happening with Universal Pictures who is currently trying to figure out a way to revive their Monster Universe.  A universe that includes “Creature from the Black Lagoon.”  A film whose initials happen to be “CFBL.”

This all came to light when a Reddit user happened to notice the connection and posted a thread on Reddit asking if Max was working on a Creature remake.  Now, what makes this all interesting is that Max commented on the post, but did not directly acknowledge that he was working on the remake.  This was then later picked up by the Playlist, but I have no idea how they discovered it in the first place.

So this is all really just conjecture at this point, but the details line up pretty nicely. Max gave the initials before anyone had suggested he was connected to a Creature remake.  Max is currently working for Universal by remaking one horror classic.  Maybe Universal likes what he’s doing there and asks him to help out on remaking Creature.  Now that doesn’t mean he is writing and directing the remake like he’s doing for “American Werewolf in London.”  For all we know he could just be writing a script or helping fix up a current script.  Or maybe he’s not even working on a Creature remake at all and it just happens that he’s working on another project with similar initials.  Who knows, but it’s fun to speculate isn’t it?


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