‘The Purge’ TV Series Reveals a New Trailer and We Take a Trip to ‘Purge City’- Comic Con 2018

Jason McDonald

The latest entry in the “Purge” franchise has passed into theaters and quietly enjoyed itself a nice little run earning nearly $100 million worldwide.  The series isn’t setting the world on fire, but it certainly does have a market still.  And it’s that market that USA hopes to find a resonance with for their upcoming series set in the “Purge” universe.

Simply titled “The Purge” the series will debut on the USA network on September 4th and will be a limited series with only 10 episodes. They’re billing this as an event series where it’ll be a one time thing, but of course, if it does well I’m sure we’ll see more seasons.  Along with a panel at San Diego Comic Con Universal also saw fit to release the first official trailer for the series.  In it you’ll see the various participants involved in this upcoming Purge night and get an idea about what sort of plights they may face.  In the trailer we see one guy trying to get his sister out of a Purge cult, a group of people having to work late in the office on Purge night, and a high society couple who don’t seem all too comfortable with the idea of purging. Check it out down below.

To go along with the trailer Universal also set up a special activation in the form a fake store called “Purge City.”  In the pictures below you’ll see that the store is clearly modeled after Party City in both function and design.  Makes sense to think that in the world of the Purge there would be a special store set-up for all your purging needs.  From survival gear like water and flashlights to materials needed to clean-up blood and dispose of bodies Purge City has all your needs covered.  Surprisingly, this was a pretty popular activation as they were giving out things like shirts and balloons.  I walked by on Saturday and found that people had been waiting for several hours to get their hands on some goodies.  I didn’t have an appointment and I’m not willing to stand in line for a shirt, so I kept on moving.  Still, the whole thing looked rather cool.


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