Rob Zombie Reveals a Bootleg Teaser Trailer for ‘Three From Hell’

Jason McDonald

When it comes to trailers being shown at special events, it’s the norm to see plenty of cellphone cam footage of the trailer leak out on to the internet.  Even in the most protected of events, like a San Diego Comic Con, the footage tends to get out one way or another.  However, what you normally don’t see is the director of the movie leaking the footage himself.

While Rob Zombie has finished shooting his “Devil’s Rejects” sequel, “Three From Hell,” the film won’t be releasing for a little while as Rob is in the middle of a concert tour and unable to finish editing it at this time.  However, if you’re one of musical fans attending his concert series this summer you might get a special sneak peak.  It looks like Rob Zombie is showcasing a teaser trailer for “Three From Hell” and we know this because Rob Zombie himself has posted cellphone footage of the teaser being revealed at his concert to his Instagram.

Now, you can attempt to the teaser trailer down below, but you need to be weary of several things.  First of all, be sure to turn down the volume as the video features thousands of people screaming and losing their minds.  Secondly, you should know that the trailer appears to be made up almost entirely of footage from “The Devi’s Rejects.”  I”m fairly certain I spotted a couple of seconds of new footage, but even if I did it wouldn’t be anything notable.  In fact, the most interesting part of the teaser trailer is when they talk about the ending of “Devil’s Rejects.”  There’s a reporter saying something about how the police have confirmed that . . . and then they ask the audience to stand by for more information.  It sounds like they’re still trying to leave it vague as to whether or not the Rejects are alive at this point. Guess we’ll have to wait till 2019 to find out.  In the meantime, check out the teaser down below.



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