Jordan Peele Might Produce a Remake of ‘Candyman’

Jason McDonald

After winning an Oscar for a movie that was not only a hit with critics, but at the box office as well Jordan Peele can pretty much do whatever he wants.  And it seems like he’s attempting to do so.  From the rumors that he was trying to make a live-action adaptation of “Gargoyles” to his reboot of the Twilight Zone, Peele has been exploring the range of possibilities at his disposal.  Now it looks like Peele has found a new target to set his eyes on as he is reportedly working a remake of “Candyman.”

Bloody-Disgusting is reporting that Jordan Peele has been in talks to produce a remake of the 1992 horror classic “Candyman.”  The original film starred Tony Todd as the titular character and centered on an urban legend that terrorized a housing development.  The story was a blend of sexuality and social commentary while the monster known as Candyman was like Dracula if he got smashed together with Bloody Mary and bees.  Look, if you haven’t seen “Candyman” just go watch it. It’s a well regarded classic for a reason.

At this point B-D suggests that Peele is just in talks at the moment and nothing concrete has formed yet.  There’s no word on if he would be interested in directing or not, but he does seem to have a full plate at the moment with other projects.  Still, something like the “Candyman” could fit into Peele’s current M.O. of releasing horror films that have something to say.

What do you think?  Interested in a remake of “Candyman”?  Who would you pick to possibly takeover for Tony Todd? Let us know below.


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      1. Rafaek September 11, 2018 at 4:07 pm

        That will be great. His last outing was fantastic. His talented and will do good with the remake.

      2. Tyler Leyland. September 16, 2018 at 4:44 am

        No way leave the classics alone there is only one Candyman. Sick of remakes.
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