Ripley Takes on the Colonial Marines in this Excellent Recut

Jason McDonald

We don’t need a recut to tell us what we already know in our hearts:  Ripley could easily kick the ass of just about any Colonial Marine.  Except maybe Vasquez, she’s scary as hell.  However, that being said, we now have video proof to back up those claims.

YouTuber WTMRecut (aka Robert Panico) has recut a bit of “Aliens” to show what would happen if Ripley decided to square off against the Colonial Marines.  It does not go well for our squad of hardened badasses.  What’s impressive about the video is that manages to seamlessly blend separate scenes of Ripley and the marines descending into the hive to make it look like one smooth scene.  It’s only a couple minutes long, so give it a watch down below.

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      1. HursonSirHesHicks September 10, 2018 at 5:53 am

        Good goin’, man! This is awesome!