31 Days of Guilty Pleasures – ‘Jennifer’s Body’

Jason McDonald

I remember picking up “Jennifer’s Body” in the bargain bin at a Walmart a few years after the movie had come out.  I had never gotten around to it, but I had heard about how horrible it was.  Now, I never heard any concrete criticisms of the movie, just that it was bad because it had Megan Fox in it.  So when I sat down to watch it I expected the worst, but came out pleasantly surprised.

In “Jennifer’s Body” an indie rock band offers up Jennifer (Megan Fox) as a virgin sacrifice to Satan in order to gain popularity.  Unfortunately, Jennifer isn’t a virgin and the sacrifice leads to her being possessed by a demon.  Jennifer soon develops a taste for human flesh and begins seducing and killing boys around the high school.  Meanwhile, her friend Anita (Amanda Seyfried) is able to figure out what’s going on with Jennifer and decides she must stop her no matter what.

By the time “Jennifer’s Body” hit theaters in 2009 the world had started to develop a bit of hate for Megan Fox.  For better or worse she had become quite famous for her role in “Transformers” and was thus a poster child for the hate those movies got.  I’m not saying Megan Fox is some great actress or anything, but I think the environment at the time was such that wouldn’t get the chance to prove otherwise.  Everyone just seemed ready to hate on her at the drop of a hat and a horror movie starring her and written by Diablo Cody who was, in her own right, a target of much ire was bound to receive unlimited amounts of heat.

However, I think throughout the film Megan Fox handles the witty and sarcasm filled dialog of Diablo Cody expertly well.

And less surprising she handles the more seductive scenes quite well.

But she also manages to carry an edge throughout the movie that manages to make her just creepy enough to be unsettling.

“Jennifer’s Body” isn’t a perfect movie and it’s definitely not for everyone, but I think this far removed from the era of Megan Fox I think it would be great if people went back and either watched it for the first time or rewatched it with fresh eyes to see how it stands up and maybe appreciate the unnoticed range of Fox.


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      1. Lisa Smith October 25, 2018 at 4:35 pm

        I enjoyed Jennifer’s Body as well, including the ending. I thought it was underrated.

      2. sam hain October 25, 2018 at 10:42 pm

        I really enjoyed this movie and really like Jennifer’s body. She is hot.