‘Walking Dead’ Actor Scott Wilson Has Passed Away

Jason McDonald

The next season of the “Walking Dead” is set to kick off today, but there’s a rain cloud hanging over the festivities.  Actor Scott Wilson, who played Hershel Greene for three seasons on “The Walking Dead,” has passed away at the age of 76.

Wilson has been acting since the ’60s with his first role being on “In the Heat of the Night” and was pretty damn busy up until his passing.  While his worked ranged from drama to comedy, Wilson did occasionally dabble in horror.  He appeared in such projects as “The Exorcist 3”, “The Host”, and the recent “Damien” TV series.  It was recently announced at New York Comic Con that Wilson would be returning for the ninth season of “The Walking Dead” for a special appearance.

Hershel was a vital part of the “Walking Dead” series and acted as the emotional compass for the show.  Wilson played the character with such warmth and earnestness that it’s impossible to imagine anyone else being able to step into that role.  In interviews and behind the scene footage he always came off as being genuinely kind hearted and going by the reactions of crew members and cast to his passing it seems like that was indeed the case.

It’s going to be an extremely poignant moment when we see Hershel return later this season.  Thank-you for giving us such a memorable character, rest in peace Scott Wilson.

TWD Season 3 Photo 1


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