General Mills Wants to Make a Monster Universe of its Own

Jason McDonald

Is the Universal Monster Universe still a thing?  I honestly couldn’t tell you.  After “The Mummy” the initiative seemed to die on the vine.  Well, while Universal tries to get back on track, perhaps there are some other classic monsters out there eager to create their own movie universe. Maybe monsters of the sugary delicious variety.

General Mills has revealed that it’s interested in getting their classic roster of cereal monster characters on the big screen.  The cereal company published a website called “Work with the Monsters” where they’re asking for members of Hollywood to reach out to them with ideas and pitches for potential movies.  With a diverse cast of characters like Count Chocula, Franken Berry, Boo Berry, Yummy Mummy, and Fruit Brute there’s plenty of possibilities to explore.

It’s an interesting move as you would think that a company as big as General Mills would have the tools to go through back channels to get pitch meetings, but apparently they’ve decided to take the public route.  On the site you can see how you can submit a potential pitch to them.  Based on the wording of the site it seems like they’re looking for qualified professionals or at least people with some kind of background in Hollywood to make a pitch to them.

So if you fit the bill, head over to the site and check out the details.

General Mills

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      1. James McDonald November 20, 2018 at 2:59 pm

        The reason why The Mummy flopped is because of Tom Cruise being cast. Not even Mission: Impossible with Tom Cruise interests me. Oh, how I wish Freddie Prinze Jr. was chosen instead of Cruise.
        I wouldn’t mind seeing Count Chocula on the big screen, but we could just bring back the Groovie Goolies and I could sit eating with a box of Count Chocula in the movie theater.