Someone Finally Uploaded a Copy of Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff’s Music Video ‘Nightmare on My Street’

Jason McDonald

A few years ago I started to think that I had hallucinated a music video in which Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff dealt with Freddy Krueger.  I tried looking it up and found no results on YouTube.  I knew something so cheesy would have to be on YouTube and if wasn’t there, it must not exist.  Later I’d learn that the reason I couldn’t find the video was because of a lawsuit between music label BMG and New Line in which New Line won and had all copies of the music video destroyed.

And then a few days ago, something magical happened.  Somehow, someway, someone discovered that they had a copy of the “Nightmare on my Street” video and uploaded it to YouTube.  Unfortunately, the video is of the bootleg quality.  It’s got plenty of static and digital artifacts, but it’s all there to enjoy.

I completely forgot that the version of Freddy in this music video looks nothing like normal Freddy.  It’s some kind of hip hop version where Freddy has a flat top and leather gear.  It’s an interesting look and one befitting of a Freddy in a hip hop artists nightmare, but still an extremely weird look.

Check out the video for yourself and relive the magic.


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