John Krasinski Says that ‘A Quiet Place 2’ Will Expand the World of the Original

Jason McDonald

When it was revealed that a sequel to “A Quiet Place” was in the works I had mixed feelings.  I loved the first movie, so I I’m curious to see what else they could do with those characters.  However, the first movie felt like such a complete package that it was hard to imagine a movie that would add something new to the mix.  Apparently John Krasinski felt the same as he was initially not on board for a sequel.

In an interview with Business Insider Krasinski revealed that, at first, he wasn’t going to be involved in a sequel to “A Quiet Place.”  Along with starring in the first film, John Krasinski also co-wrote and directed the film so it was very much his baby.  However, Krasinski had no intention of ever doing a sequel to the film, so when the producers approached him with the idea he was prepared to walk away.  That was, until, Krasinski said he saw the potential of how a sequel could further flesh out the world they hinted at in the original.

 I mean, most sequels are a hero or villain returning, but there’s no story behind it. It’s basically “Let’s give the audience the character they want.” And I think the brilliant thing about “A Quiet Place” is there’s a world.

I wasn’t going to do a sequel. I told them I wasn’t going to participate in one and to find a new writer and director. They asked for guidance, and I had this tiny little idea, and then Drew was very smart and said, “Think on it some more while we have these meetings with other people.” Then he threw the Jedi mind trick of asking me to just write the sequel, and he sucked me in.

But me going from not wanting to participate in a sequel to doing it is the same reason I hope people will want to see one. My hope is people want to revisit this world and revisit those stakes and those rules you have to abide by. That’s my hope.

Later in the same interview he further expanded upon how he viewed the sequel.  Or, more accurately, how he perceived it as not being a traditional sequel.

I don’t even see it as a sequel. Emily actually blew my mind by categorizing it the correct way after I pitched it to her. She said, “This isn’t a sequel at all — this is the second book in a series of books. It’s a widening of a world.”

And I thought that’s the best way to look at it. It doesn’t feel like a sequel — it’s a continuation of living in that world.

It’s an interesting perspective and a curious way of approaching a follow up film. It’s almost like he’s trying to avoid doing a film that’s simply more of the same.  Maybe this will wind up being the “Aliens” to “A Quiet Place’s” “Alien.” Either way, we’re still a ways off from finding out what Krasinski has in mind.

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