New Concept Art Shows Us What Rob Zombie’s ‘Blob’ Remake Would’ve Been

Jason McDonald

Way back in 2009 we all learned that Rob Zombie was thinking about doing a remake of “The Blob.” Now, regardless of how you feel about Rob Zombie, I think we can all agree that his version of the Blob would be very bizarre and graphic.  Well, we never got to experience that vision as Rob Zombie lost interest in the project, but now some newly revealed concept art gives us a peek at what could have been.

Artist Alex Horley has partnered with Rob Zombie a few times over the years for various projects and some of his work included visual development art for things like “Tyrannosaurus Rex” and “The Blob.”  And thankfully the artist has shared with the world some of that work so we can get an idea of what Rob Zombie had envisioned for his movie.  Now, before you scroll down to check it out I just want you to try and imagine what you think Rob Zombie would with the Blob.  Keep in mind he’s on record saying that he didn’t want to make something that looked like red jelly.

Alright, got an image in your head?  Okay, journey down below and check out the art for yourself. Keep in mind, it’s definitely not safe for work.

Rob Zombie Blob 1
Rob Zombie Blob 2 Rob Zombie Blob 3

There are a couple of more pieces of concept art, but I highly recommend you stop by Alex Horley’s site to check them out.  As you can see, he’s an amazing artist so it’s well worth browsing his site.

As for the concept of the Blob, it appears that Rob Zombie was going for some kind of monolithic structure that just consumed and assimilated people.  Perhaps using and creating the weird blob people to got out and bring back more people to add to the mass of bodies.  While not what I would want to see from a remake of “The Blob”, I have to admit that’s a pretty cool concept.

What do you think?  Would you have wanted to see this movie?


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