‘The Possession of Hannah Grace’ Debuts at Number 7 as Horror Prepares to Rest for the Winter

Jason McDonald

We’re slowly getting closer to the end of the year and with that we’re running out of big studio horror movie releases for the year.  In fact, looking at the calendar, it seems that “The Possession of Hannah Grace” should be the last studio released horror movie of the year.  So how did Hannah Grace end the year?  On kind of a weak note.

According to Box Office Mojo “The Possession of Hannah Grace” debuted with a less than impressive $6.5 million.  That places it at number seven for the weekend.  It’s not too weird to see a horror movie released during the holidays.  This month is filled with family features and films looking for Oscar gold, so studios like to do a bit of counter programming by releasing something for those of us that want to see something different.  Unfortunately, it looks like there wasn’t a whole lot of interest for “The Possession of Hannah Grace.”

Another problem is that word of mouth may have sunk the film as it is currently being crushed by critics.  Right now it has a 15% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

It’s a bit of a lackluster ending for horror movies at the box office, but overall it was a rather strong year. Among the top twenty highest grossing movies of the year there were four horror movies that did exceedingly well.  It’s crazy to think that a new “Fantastic Beasts” has, so far, failed to make as much as “The Meg”, “Halloween”, or even “A Quiet Place.”  Outside of the big studio releases, there’s “Hereditary” which earned an impressive $44 million and is currently sitting at number 60 for the year.  That’s just $7 million shy from bigger studio releases like “The Predator” which earned $51 million for the year.

Overall, it’s been another strong year for horror and it shows no signs of slowing down.


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