The Sequel to ‘Alien: Isolation’ is a Mobile Game Titled ‘Alien: Blackout’

Jason McDonald

It seems like it was only yesterday that I was full of hope and wonder over the idea of a sequel to “Alien: Isolation.”  But there was something about all that teasing that gave me pause to worry.  And it turns out I was right to worry.

So, yes, there is a sequel to “Alien: Isolation” in the works with Amanda Ripley set to star.  HOWEVER, that sequel is not coming to PC or consoles.  Instead it’ll be a mobile game called “Alien: Blackout.”

In Alien: Blackout, players assume the role of Amanda Ripley, trapped aboard a crippled Weyland-Yutani space station carrying a blood-thirsty creature. Players will need to survive increasingly challenging, fear-inducing levels by balancing the controls of the space station’s emergency systems to skillfully guide their crew to safety and avoid encounters with the enemy. The unpredictability of both the mysterious alien and the ultimate fate of the crew will force players to make life or death decisions that permanently alter the outcome of the game.

Based on that description and the first look at the game, which you can watch down below, it seems like this game is going to be “Five Nights at Freddy’s” with a Xenomorph.  Not a bad concept, in fact I can definitely see how that would make for some thrilling moments, but it’s a hard pill to swallow when this is a sequel to an incredible gaming experience like “Alien: Isolation.”

What’s curious about this game is that they’re continuing to push the idea that fans will be able to read, watch, and play.  Based on this description it sounds like there’s going to be more to this thing than just the game component.

This year, fans of the critically-acclaimed Alien: Isolation video game are invited to embark on new adventures with Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, by watching, playing, and reading her story as she renews her fight against the aliens after the events of Isolation. 20th Century Fox will partner with a wide range of storytellers and innovators to bring this epic chapter in the Alien Universe to life, with even more entries in Amanda Ripley’s story soon to be announced.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what they have up their sleeve.  In the meantime the game is expected to hit the App Store and Google Play later this month.  Check out the trailer down below.


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