An Animated Series Based on ‘Alien: Isolation’ Could Be in the Works

Jason McDonald

I think those of us that were hoping for a sequel to the hit horror game “Alien: Isolation” were probably left feeling a little jaded when we learned a month ago that the series would be continuing on mobile devices. But along with that announcement came word that the story of Amanda Ripley would continue on in various mediums and it looks like one of those mediums might be an animated series.

The Observer is reporting on an interesting bit of news that remains unconfirmed at this time.  According to the site, an R-rated animated series is in the works based on “Alien: Isolation.”  The series is reportedly a seven episode tale that would be developed by Axis Animation.  This is the same studio that did VFX work on the game.  It looks like the series could pop up on the official “Alien” website, so I’ll be curious see if these are meaty half-hour episodes or mini-webisodes.  According to the site the series is expected to premiere in April.  So if something is actually happening I imagine we’ll probably get some teasers/trailers next month.

“Alien: Isolation” centers on a woman named Amanda Ripley who discovers that, after 15 years, new clues about her mother Ellen Ripley’s disappearance have been uncovered.  Venturing out to a remote space station, Amanda hopes to find answers and possibly get some closure about what happened to her mother all those years ago.  However, Amanda will come face to face with the same horrors that her mother dealt with as she attempts to survive an encounter with the deadly Xenomorph.


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