‘Alien: Isolation’ Digital Series is Now Available

Jason McDonald

A little while ago we talked about how there was some kind of “Alien: Isolation” animated series in the works.  After being bamboozled by the phone game, I was trying to be cautiously optimistic about what this would turn out to be.  Well the series is now available and it might not be quite what I was hoping for.

It turns out the animated project was an exclusive on IGN and it’s a retelling of the first game using fleshed out cutscenes from the original game.  An interesting pairing as IGN gave “Alien: Isolation” a shockingly poor score.

The series is about seven episodes that are roughly ten minutes each.  I watched a few minutes of one of the episodes and some of the additional content they added is things like Amanda Ripley monologuing to explain how we get from one scene to the next.  I’m not entirely sure, but I swear the there are two different actresses being used here.  The voice in the new segment doesn’t quite match up to the voice from the original cutscenes.

The original game was released in 2014, but the animation in the cutscenes still holds up. If you’ve never played the game, but want to experience this chapter in the “Alien” saga, this isn’t the worst way to do it.

“Alien: Isolation” centers on a woman named Amanda Ripley who discovers that, after 15 years, new clues about her mother Ellen Ripley’s disappearance have been uncovered.  Venturing out to a remote space station, Amanda hopes to find answers and possibly get some closure about what happened to her mother all those years ago.  However, Amanda will come face to face with the same horrors that her mother dealt with as she attempts to survive an encounter with the deadly Xenomorph.

Journey to IGN to check out the series for yourself.


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