‘Doom: Annihilation’ Trailer Carries On the Proud Tradition of Video Game Movie Sequels with ‘Annihilation’ in the Title

Jason McDonald

I’m no “Doom” defender. That original movie is a disappointment not only as a movie, but as an adaptation of a great game franchise like “Doom.” Though I will admit I thought the first person section was hilarious.  That movie set a pretty low bar for future adaptations and, based on this trailer, I’m worried this new movie might not make it over it.

“Doom Annihilation” is a straight to DVD adaptation of the “Doom” game series.  At this point it doesn’t look like the film has any connection to the original, which is honestly fine.

The film will follow a group of marines on a rescue mission to a Mars research station where they discover a portal to hell has been opened up and demons have been unleashed.  So far so good.

The trailer, though, leaves a lot to be desired.  It’s an incredibly brief trailer, clocking at 30 seconds, but what we get to see isn’t so hot.  The acting sounds iffy and the production feels low budget.  But hey, maybe the action and gore will be on point?  Maybe we’ll get actual demons in this one! In the trailer below we see at least one creature that is a non-zombie.

Also I do like that they’re utilizing more of the “Doom” weapons in this one including a BFG and a big-ass chainsaw.  So while this may not feature the acting chops of early 2000s Dwayne Johnson, it might at least do something fun with the action.  We’ll have to see.  For now check out the trailer and decide for yourself.


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