Meet the New Voice of Chucky – Mark Hamill to Voice Chucky in ‘Child’s Play’

Jason McDonald

There have been a couple of surprises coming out of Wondercon this weekend, but probably the biggest one was the reveal of who would be voicing Chucky in the new Child’s Play movie.

While we’ve been seeing a lot of teases for the upcoming reboot of the classic horror franchise, there haven’t been a whole lot of details surrounding Chucky himself.  We’ve gotten brief glimpses of what he would look like, but the biggest question was who would be voicing him. Today in Anaheim, CA they hosted a panel for the upcoming “Child’s Play” film and they were teasing that a big revelation would be. It seemed all but a certainty that we would finally learn who was voicing the maniacal doll and we did.

I was at the panel today and they showed a teaser trailer that was mostly comprised of footage we had already seen.  The teaser started with Aubrey Plaza arguing with Andy that his doll Chucky couldn’t possibly be alive and then quickly devolved into rapid shots.  It ultimately culminated in us hearing the voice of Chucky for the first time and I swore it was Brad Dourif until this next video popped up.

That’s right, it’s Mark Hamill providing the voice of Chucky.  While known for being Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill is no stranger to voice work.  Quite possibly his most iconic role outside of being Luke Skywalker is being the voice of the Joker for the past few decades.  And while we only heard the briefest of sound bites, it very much sounds like Hamill is emulating you a bit of Brad Dourif.

After the reveal the panel had a few things to say about the casting of Mark Hamill.


So there you have it.  The new voice of Chucky has been revealed. What do you think?  A worthy replacement for Dourif? Let us know down below.


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