Nicolas Cage and a Team of Jiu Jitsu Fighters Take on Aliens in ‘Jiu Jitsu’

Jason McDonald

Honestly, these days you can string any random words together and as like the sentence has “Nicolas Cage” in it somewhere, I’ll believe you’re talking about a genuine movie.

Nicolas Cage is set to star in a new film adapted from a comic book called “Jiu Jitsu.”  The film will be directed and written by Dimitri Logothetis who also co-wrote the comic book with Jim McGrath.  Logothetis previously directed “Kickboxer Retaliation.”

So how will aliens figure into a story about Jiu Jitsu?  Well, here’s how:

Every six years, an ancient order of expert Jiu Jitsu fighters faces a fearsome alien invader in a battle for Earth. For thousands of years, the fighters that protect Earth have played by the rules…until now. When Jake Barnes (Alain Moussi), a celebrated war hero and master Jiu Jitsu fighter, refuses to face Brax, the indomitable leader of the invaders, the future of humanity hangs in the balance. Injured and suffering from severe amnesia, Jake is captured by a military squad unequipped to fight the merciless intruder who have descended upon the planet. After a brutal alien attack on the military squad, Jake is rescued by Wylie (Nicolas Cage), and a team of fellow Jiu Jitsu fighters who must help him recover his memory and regain his strength in order to band together and defeat Brax in an epic battle that will once again determine the fate of mankind.

Yeah, I hope you drank that all in.  It sounds bonkers and I can’t tell if this is going to take itself seriously or if it’s a purposeful cheese fest.  Either way could be amazing.  All I know is that this movie sounds interesting as hell, so I’ll be eager to check it out.

Nicolas cage


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