If You’ve Ever Wanted to Play a Video Game Version of the ‘Cube’ Check Out ‘Half Dead 2’

Jason McDonald

Have you seen the “Cube?” If not you should definitely be doing that.  Possibly right now.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

No? Okay, I’ll tell you what the “Cube” is. Jeez. The “Cube” is the first in a franchise about a nefarious building filled with traps. The idea is that every room looks like the last, except the rooms have deadly traps somehow hidden in them.

If you ever watched that movie and thought “I could probably survive that scenario” then get ready to give it a go for yourself.  Developer Room710 Games recently put out their latest game into early access called “Half Dead 2.”  As the title implies, this is a sequel to “Half Dead” which was very similar. The game has you playing a bloodthirsty criminal trapped in a deadly maze where you can potentially win your freedom.

This is a multiplayer game where you and up to 16 other people enter the maze and work your way through the various booby trapped rooms to try and find your freedom.  Some rooms are instant death traps and others feature traps that you can easily survive if you play it smart.

One of the neat features of the game that makes it even more “Cube”-like is that if you have a shoe you can throw it into a room to try and trigger a trap before you enter.

It’s not the prettiest game or the one with the most nuanced mechanics, but it’s still a novel concept.  And for five bucks it’s not too much of an investment either.

For now the game is available on Steam which you can check out here.


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